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A new track of thought

Introducing Arctic Sliding Track, the latest innovation in low-clearance, soft-close roller track systems.

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The next step in soft-close.

Featuring advanced product design, the Arctic Sliding Track is purpose-engineered to offer premium style and reliable performance in any commercial or residential project.

A soft-close roller track mechanic offers gentle door release, minimal friction for a smoother touch, and improved hinge longevity through lowered stress. Life-cycle testing ensures ongoing and dependable quality for up to 80kg doors.

As a guide for door weight reference, see below:

Door Construction Type Door size:
2700 x 920 x 44mm
Door size:
2700 x 1200 x 44mm
MDF Heavy Weight Door (Semi Solid) 52kg 64kg
MDF Solid Core Door 85kg 96kg
MDF Light Weight Door 32kg 39kg
MDF and KD frame with Glass 63kg with 6mm Glass 73kg with 10mm Glass
Aluminium Door with Glass 38kg with 6mm Glass 46kg with 6mm Glass

The basic formula for calculating glass is:

Height (m) x width (m) x glass thickness (mm) x 2.5
= glass weight (kg)


Zero clearance.

With a tiny 3mm clearance between the top of the door and the sliding track, the Arctic range features a refined minimalist appearance that caters to a wide range of designs, rooms and style requirements.

The Arctic Sliding Track can be used as a visible feature to highlight seamless cohesion between rooms, can be fully concealed from view in ceiling space with a flush head application, or hidden using pelmets.

There are clear benefits across the full range. The slim-fit design of the zero-clearance fixing plate offers understated style, while the standard plate features a spring loaded safety hanger for style and stability.

Simple installation.

Arctic is smooth-engineered: from whisper-quiet close mechanics to a seamless, easy fitting process. Innovative track design means the Arctic range can be adjusted in-situ. Arctic tracks can be manually adjusted with the roller assembly bracket inserted into the door, eliminating the need for cumbersome tweaking and facilitating a smoother, more precise installation.

The Arctic range is pre-drilled and countersunk every 300mm for heightened convenience. It is also pre-stocked in powder coated Arctic Satin White, to match the minimalist colour configuration of most modern ceilings.

Universal Single Track

CI-5150 Sliding Track –
Universal Single Track

The CI-5150 Sliding Track is often used in Cavity Slider and 'Coffer' scenarios. This track is purpose-designed for easy installation and enables smooth cohesion between rooms, in both commercial and residential applications.

CI-5150 Sliding Track Cavity Application
Flush Head Application

CI-5151 Sliding Track –
Flush Head Application

The CI-5151 Sliding Track is often used in flush head applications for a seamless finish. Engineered to be positioned 'within the ceiling, the flush head Arctic Sliding Track offers a clean and elegant minimalist style. With a 'zero clearance' aesthetic and soft-close track mechanism, it's the perfect solution for home or office settings where modern architectural form and functionality are of equal priority.

CI-5151 Sliding Track Flush Head Application
Partition Application

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